Creative Direction, Concept, Storyboarding, 2D & 3D Animation

About Project

Agency: IndieFin

Animation, Creative Direction: Okalpha + IndieFin

Sound Design: Okalpha + Mountwavemusic

Illustration: Jones & Co.

Producing a family of product videos centered around the woes of life insurance, we injected some energy into a category of motion that can easily become tiresome to absorb.


We hate the standard insurance spiel. So, along with IndieFin, we tried our best to approach things from a more intriguing perspective. As long as we kept things engaging, and made sure we broke away from the traditional explainer video standards, we would die happy. And insured. And happy...


Our transition concepts and defined style meant incorporating ye olde 3D software and tinkering around with more detailed camera and movement techniques. Achieving a vector look was key to client, so we made sure that the viewer would be hard pressed to gauge which package was responsible for which elements.

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