Illustration, Animation, Sound Design

About Project

Agency: IndieFin + FoxP2

Creative Direction: IndieFin + FoxP2

Illustration, Animation: Okalpha

Sound Design: Okalpha

We illustrated and animated a short introduction mechanic for use across IndieFin’s latest mullet heavy TVC set.


A simple instruction; build a fun TVC lock-up that highlighted a key set of statistics surrounding Indie’s product offering. Working with concepts from FoxP2, we built an adjustable lock-up that kept things as simple as possible, but had detail where it mattered most.


With the brief’s simplicity came a sudden urge to throw a ton of techniques onto the table. Client swiftly said no, which is why the only really addition was a slightly textured based colour pallette. The rest was standard 2D work to keep things within the Indie family.

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