Creative Direction, Concept, 3D, Post

About Project

Agency: MakeReign

Creative Direction: MakeReign

Concept, Production: Okalpha

With great websites, come great project headers. The folks over at MakeReign needed abstract visuals to accommodate each of their client case studies. We slowly raised our hand and asked (read: begged) for the gig.


We appreciate project headers that are understated, and more importantly have a purpose larger than being a pretty picture. We needed to create a set of visuals that could stand toe-to-toe with a stage that would be built by one of the world’s top developers. No bullshit, that is a true story.


Each element would have a core, sculpture-based subject, which would be altered in Z-Brush to achieve the final layout defined for each client. Rendered in Octane and composited in Photoshop and Lightroom, we created a dark series that heightened the site experience, rather than detract from it. Much business.

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