3D, Animation, Iconography

About Project

Agency: MakeReign
Creative Direction:
Okalpha + MakeReign
3D Production:

We were lucky enough to be asked by MakeReign to conceptualize and build a set of looping visuals for one of their new clients, BVNK. With a ground up look and site build, they needed a set of understated loops that held a visual link to a specific product or offering.


We began with building a treatment that initially approached each icon from a vector view point, before extrapolating that out into 3D space. Always considering the movement and what the associated product or service offered, we needed to walk the line between easy to understand concepts and overly obvious ideas. From there it was a case of less is more, as we built, animated and rendered each visual.


Our roll-out needed to cater for the dimension and data spec supplied to us by the dev team. Additionally, these looping sequences were needed to cater for light and dark backing plates. After our hero passes came out of Redshift, we comped, compressed and optimised all of it, making sure data rates played nicely with load times. Nothing like compressing gentle gradients...

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