Our Work.

Brand Idents


MakeReign's new look comes to life.

A set of animated idents built to introduce MakeReign's 2023 reel. Killer branding, meet killer visuals.

Toyota Supra Campaign

Toyota Supra.

Retro games meet digital marketing.

A journey through each generation of our favourite racing games.

3D Website Assets


A high-fidelity 3D asset overload.

NewNew needed a ton of website visuals for their platform refresh. We had no problem helping out.

Corporate Manifesto

The Capital Group.

Animating a graphic brand language.

We were asked to conceptualise and animate a minimalistic manifesto video, introducing The Capital groups bold new look.

Anamorphic Billboard


Anamorphic arrives in Cape Town.

A rare opportunity to work on the first true anamorphic display based in Cape Town for a brand we love.

Brand Exploration


The devil is in the details.

High fidelity, simulation and render research built around our logo-mark and brand tone. Super fun, super tricky.

Product Animations

Sanlam Indie.

A fresh take on life insurance.

We worked closely with Sanlam Indie to inject some life into a category of motion that can easily become tiresome to absorb.

Augmented Reality Concept


Tomorrow's bareable, wearable tech.

Over tasked us with creating a proof of concept centered around a future vision of what the mobile app could become for its users.

Brand Visual


A brand reveal with a brutal core.

MakeReign asked us to help out on a short brand visual for the release of Wolf&Whale's fresh look.

Product Renders

Pantheone Audio.

Beautiful sound, beautiful visuals.

Creating release collateral for products that were still in early production.

3D Website Assets


Clean, looping iconography.

Conceptualizing and animating understated looping visuals for MakeReign and BVNK.

Brand Visual

Masters & Savant.

A brand-visual, suspended.

We ran with a supplied concept, building and animating Masters & Savant's detailed storyboards.

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