3D, Creative Direction, Animation, Branding

About Project

Client: MakeReign

Concept: Okalpha

Creative Direction: Okalpha + MakeReign

Animation: Okalpha

The bi-product of a brief to build a showreel, a set of idents needed to be created to be used across MakeReign collateral and to introduce the reel itself. Sometimes certain briefs are better than others. This brief was one of those times. An opportunity to learn and create.


And so it began. Since we have a larger task of building the showreel itself, we split our 3D team to focus on the idents, whilst the 2D team began building the larger reel. With such a clean slate, we made sure to spend time iterating on multiple potential routes. The core approach was to build 5 different visual snippets, each showcasing the hero MakeReign logo mark in unique vignettes.


Working with Houdini, Redshift, and Cinema4D, we built growth, smoke, collision, and inflation systems. Each of these were tweaked and refined through iteration to finally get to a fidelity we were all happy with. A timely exercise, but a super insightful one. Strangely, one of the most difficult tasks was getting a laser projection to feel right. It's the easiest stuff that sometimes hurts the most.

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