3D, Animation, Iconography

About Project

Brand: NewNew
Creative Direction: Artifakt & Okalpha
3D Production: Okalpha

A while back we were asked to create a library-set of 3D icons for use in NewNew's platform refresh. A killer exercise in detail and tactility. We hope you enjoy all the work!


The core task was to create a 3D icon-set to represent key features and functionality within the platform. Some would have movement, whilst others were still-frames. But, each icon would need to be rendered in a dark and light environment to cover the website’s dark-mode and light-mode functionality along with a couple interesting aspect ratio requirements.


Most of the process and iteration was focused on making sure the tone and texture scale ended up consistent throughout the icon-set. Although we tinkered with some abstract finishes, we generally came back to familiar, tactile materials. The visuals would end up on NewNew’s website refresh. That means a wide range of scaling to cover, and a few unique aspect ratios.

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