Pantheone Audio.

3D Modelling, Creative Direction, Animation, Post

About Project

Brand: Pantheone Audio

Agency: Malvah Studio

Products: Pantheone I & Obsian

Creative Direction: Okalpha & Pantheone Audio

Concept & Production: Okalpha

We were asked to generate product imagery for the pre-release of the Pantheone I, and eventually, the Pantheone Obsidian products. A collaboration between ourselves, Malvah Studio and Pantheone Audio that started with ingesting manufacture models and ended with a collection of short sequences and still images for use across all marketing collateral.


With a set of speakers still going through the initial phases of physical production, we were supplied manufacture models to start cleaning and preparing for our CGI stages. Apart from model prep, an important early requirement was creating shader libraries that aligned to the expected outcome of final production. An interesting exercise in refining finishes at each review stage.


Our first step into output was to create a set of specification images. Simple, infinite spaces to best highlight the shape and finish of each product. From there we moved onto our in-situ builds, working with client supplied imagery to camera and light match our Cinema4D rigs. Lastly, we moved on to the moving imagery ask, building simple studio scenes and one hero interior in which we could place the products.

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