Faithful to Nature.

Direction, Editing, Post, Sound Design

About Project

Creative Direction: Okalpha

Director of Photography: Mark van Zyl

Editing and Animation: Okalpha

Sound Design: Okalpha

Color: The Refinery

The ideals that Faithful to Nature operate by align well with Okalpha's mindset. Planet and person, living in sync, each looking after one another. This source of inspiration allowed us to nudge a small creative ask into a different fidelity bracket.


With this being the client's first step into live-action advertising, the goal was to make sure that the tone of the visuals and audio aligned to the persona of the brand. One that, at the time, wasn't fully realised or defined. In the end the key was showcasing the simple pleasures of living a sustainable life, and ultimately, the ease of achieving that life through Faithful to Nature.


Refine and re-refine. Script and visuals were ever tweaked as we tried to build a sequence of shots that created a persona but could also be re-used over alternate product layouts. With that in mind, all product was left out of the opening sequences, instead focusing on an unknown subject and her natural surroundings. The four product sequences were shot in studio, and framed by a simple run through of the Faithful to Nature shopping experience.

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