The Capital Group.

Creative Direction, Concept, Storyboarding, 2D & 3D Animation

About Project

Client: The Capital Group

Agency: Wolf&Whale

Design & Illustration: Okalpha + MakeReign

Script: The Capital Group

Sound Design: Mt.Wave

Animation: Okalpha

We were asked by MakeReign and Wolf&Whale to conceptualise and animate a corporate manifesto, introducing viewers to The Capital Group’s re-brand and updated core messaging. A lovely exercise of ingesting a design language, and adding movement, sound and voice-over.

Design Language

The illustration was built around the design language completed by MakeReign, being an expansion of the graphic look used across the brand and website assets. With MakeReign leading the early phases of brand and web design work, our inclusion in the latter phases meant being spoilt with a strong set of visual elements. But, coming up with engaging concepts would prove be a tricky exercise.


Production involved staying primarily in Adobe After Effects, with a small section of the output being handled by Cinema4D. From a movement standpoint, our key focus was to maintain the simplicity of the design language. But, with a low amount of moving parts comes a responsibility to maintain fidelity through the subtleties. Strange how the simplest sections required the most time.

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