Toyota Supra.

Creative Direction, 3D, Animation, Post

About Project

Brand: Toyota

Agency: Fuel Content

Animation: Okalpha & Fuel Content

Production: Okalpha & Fuel Content

Our old friends at Fuel Content approached us to accurately replicate 4 of gaming’s most iconic racing entries for use in Toyota’s upcoming Supra campaign. Spanning a couple decades of game dev, we made our way from Outrun, all the way through to Forza. Cars, iconic games, nostalgia... We were obsessed.

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a set of gaming visuals for use within a live-action TVC being produced by Fuel Content. The requirement was to hand over gameplay sequences that represented the 4 key generations of the most iconic racing games from the last 35 years. A ground up build with a tricky requirement of accurately depicting the nuances that were so key to the look and feel of older consoles.

The Process

Maintaining modern fidelity whilst representing vintage techniques was a challenge the studio hadn't yet faced. Each aspect of production, from the modelling of The Nurburgring, to the sample aliasing of our texture maps required an attention to detail that we hadn't yet placed onto a project. Each generation had a "look", and we were determined to make sure our tonality and techniques matched those used in each of the games that we were referencing and recreating. A fascinating and fun exercise.

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