Masters & Savant.

3D, Animation, Brand Visual

About Project

Brand: Masters & Savant

Concept: Masters & Savant

Creative Direction: Masters & Savant

3D Production: Okalpha

We were lucky enough to be approached by Masters & Savant to help them execute a brand-visual. With client supplying a detailed concept and storyboard, our role was to build and animate their idea. A fun exercise in gallery creation, and page rigging.

The Gallery

Production started with gallery research, deciding on a tonality that would suit the eventual vibrancy of the pages. With a clear direction on the scene, our first modelling task was the table around which the pages would live. Scandinavian, simple, and void of any overly obvious contrast or imperfection. Next up was building a gallery space. We decided to layout a location that wouldn't limit our angle camera work. Slightly more tedious, but beneficial in the long run. Although our original intent was to keep the concrete tones through out the studio space, the client wanted to explore some warmer wood tones along the floor, and on backing frames and furniture.

The Pages

Whilst the stage was being designed, we built some simple page shaders into which client's supplied animations would be piped.

All the animated sequences were rendered out of Adobe After Effects and RGB split into their relevant shader mattes.

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